Monday, July 21, 2014

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream

*purchased by me*

Well, i am in mid 20s and i need an eye cream.
I know that basically, eye cream is face moisturizer and i will spend too much money for so little product. But.. i've tried using my face moisturizer around my eyes and they're sting because they're too thick/runny/gel based and it's took so long to absorb around my eyes..
Then i was ordered some korean skincare, when the nice seller offer me this baby. It is travel size so the price wouldn't choke my wallet alot.

Before i babbling so much, please read the information below to know more about my current eye cream :  Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream (what a name eh?)

okay my current problem is i am having sensitive eye
Sound amazing right?
Now we're into the product :

 Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream
15ml (mine is in travel/sample size) 
expired 12 month after opened

 As usual, i can't read the product information at all.
So let's just stick with the information i provided you above.

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream
light cream, not so thick and not runny
easy to absorb and spread
a little bit sticky right after application, but after several minutes, it's okay

no scent at all

I've using it every night, and several in the morning since mid-january and i still have about 1/4 tube. Since it cost me less than IDR. 80,000 i think it's good value.
It doesn't cause me breakout and does provided moisturizer i need around my eyes.
However since i have no dark circle and no wrinkle, i don't know how effective it is.

I do loves this baby, and it comes in tube which is very thoughful. No extra germs!
Will repurchase for sure.

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Do you know if there's another snail based eye cream which work on you?
or you simply use your snail based moisturizer around your eyes?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review : Cow Brand Skinlife Facial Foam

*non sponsored review*

Am i late for review-ing this baby?
i know the hype was long time ago, but better late than never right? LOL *just my excuse*

I was kinda confused when i heard this brand for the first time, "A cow brand? COW? is it for real? why do they named it as cow brand?".. Okay, here's the answer : because their product made from cow milks. So they simply use it as brand name.

Seeing the condition in picture, i am sure you know that i've been use it for long time. Truthfully, i am nearly finish it. This is what i do now with skincare review. I try the product, then manage to finish or at least use more than half, then write my review (except for first impression review).

Cow Brand Skinlife Facial Foam
110g (available to in 130g)
about 45,000 in Guardian or about 59,000 in Papaya

Seriously, yes the price is very different. I highly suggest you to get it in Guardian (specially when it is on sale, usually 10-20% off). I got mine in Papaya and so disappointed.

the ingredient list (i know some part are teared)
I bought it when i was in search for SLS (both Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and Mineral oil free cleansing foam.
I was that sold, so i wasn't do google for the price tag.
Despite the goodness, it's contains of Myristic Acid which some say, is comedogenic.

However, i think i don't get more pimple/comedo/clogged pore whenever i am using it.

the product
 It is white and very thick.
Make sure you do foaming with your hand before applying to your face.
Believe me, you wouldn't like to foaming it on your face.

after mix with water
 Since it SLS free, it doesn't produce much foam.
In my opinion, it does clean so well and leave my face in not so dry but not hydrating condition after wash.

As i said before, it doesn't cause me breakout whatsoever, but i am not sure if it does help me with my current acne too.

Will i repurchase?
Yes, i planned to. For the sake of SLS and mineral oil free.. If not this one, maybe the other from the same range ::)

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